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      A little about me..

      I grew up in a little town near Oxford, where I spent my days spellbound by my father’s work. As a draftsman and photographer, he could be both rigorously technical and wildly experimental. He encouraged me to tap into my creativity, to challenge norms and find new ways of reimagining the world around me. I have so much to thank him for.


      About Curtis Cornelius

      A deepening fascination with art and design led me to study fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London. After that I amassed 20-odd years of tailoring expertise at Gucci and Louis Vuitton Рtwo fashion houses rich in history, artistic talent, quality and craftsmanship.

      You're in safe hands

      After graduating, I worked as a tailor for Gucci before becoming Maison Tailor for Louis Vuitton’s London flagship store.

      Throughout my career I’ve always worked on private bridal commissions. It’s my passion and why I decided to strike out alone and create my own dedicated design service:

      Curtis Cornelius.


      And now...

      These experiences have blossomed into a collection that mixes delicate simplicity with dreamy enchantment. But far from turning to rags at the stroke of midnight, each dress can be re-worked and cherished for many years to come.